Springboro Ohio Places And Businesses

We’ll start off with one of our favorites…The Balloon Haus, located at 55 S. Main St. Bouquets, centerpieces, sculptures, arches and more are available at low prices.

They can easily handle graduations, proms, birthdays and just about any special event. They are well-established and considered the “balloon arrangement authority” in southwestern Ohio. And the kids love the wide assortment of colors and the great candy selection throughout the store.

Owner Ronda and her hard-working staff will make any event or celebration a memorable one. Recently, they were named the official decorator of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon race. UPDATE: August 111, 2012. They have moved to SR 741 across from the IGA. Bigger location and more items to choose!

Dorothy Lane Market (affectionately called DLM) sits on SR 741 (740 N. Main Street) and offers a wide variety of fresh specialty foods including daily seafood catches and too many brands of meat to count. The bagels are delicious and the brownies are…killer! I guess that’s why they are called “killer brownies.”

Pastries and bread will catch your attention as you enter the store. That is…if you can get by the free sample section along with the cappuccino bar which beckons most visitors. The frozen goods section in the back of the store is a “must see,” and old-time novelty candy favorites are always available.

Ohioquotes.com is actually a website but is based and housed in Springboro. Instant Ohio health insurance quotes are available along with expert guidance and assistance. Comparing health care plans is a breeze when you visit, especially when you know you are getting the lowest possible rates for individual and self-employed coverage. If and when the Ohio Health Insurance Exchange starts in 2014, this website will be where you can safely apply for the best options.

All of the top companies are available including Anthem, Aetna, Medical Mutual and many other carriers. Both individual and family plans are researched. One of the best features is that personal information is never shared or sold. Quotes are instant and live and some policies can be approved in 24 hours. They can be reached at (888) 513 6446.

Young Chow features some of the finest Japanese and Chinese cuisine in the area. Conveniently located at 232 W. Central Ave. (Drug Mart Plaza), you can dine in or carry out. The menu is extensive, prices are reasonable and service is…I suppose pretty typical!

Garlic Chicken is one of the best items on an extensive menu. For sushi eaters, you’re in luck, and the wide selection of appetizers makes any meal there enjoyable. Most entrees are under $10 and the lunch specials are a great value. The take-out menu is extensive and for sushi lovers…you’re in luck! Dozens of fresh options are available daily.

Greg’s Prime Meats on SR 73 (also in the Drug Mart Plaza) has been a local favorite for years. Their very own roast beef and turkey breast are some of the best in the area. They, of course, make it themselves and have a large customer following for this product.

Some of the finest steaks can also be purchased at Greg’s. Whether it’s New York Strip or a nice Filet…or even a cheaper cut of meat, you’ll be satisfied with the taste. The price isn’t cheap but it’s not terribly expensive either. And there are plenty of other meats, including chicken, pork etc…

We’re not aware of another place similar to Greg’s Prime Meats in the Springboro area. And we consider Greg’s and the IGA to be two of the best establishments to buy your meat from…especially in the summer if you are grilling!

The La Comedia Dinner Theatre is located at 765 W. Central Ave. is one of the best entertainment spots in SW Ohio. In 1975, they opened their doors, and have been a staple in Springboro entertainment since that time. A wonderful buffet precedes each performance and shows are constantly changing to appeal to all audiences.

Each production uses a combination of local and New York city talent. A wide variety of acts can be expected featuring both young and old talent that will appeal to everyone.